The Power of Failure

Do you underestimate the power of failure? The power of failing is incredible. I say this because behind every failure there is a lesson to be learned. If you learn that lesson and make sure that mistake never repeats itself that failure was well worth it. Anyone that you see in the media or admire I am sure has failed many times before they got to where they are. Take Michael Jordan for an example. He is arguably the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball but even he was cut from his from his high school basketball team. He turned that failure into an unmatched drive to compete and succeed on the court.

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The lessons we learn from our failures are unmatched.  Football has taught me this more than anything else. Football ultimate team sport but if any of the 11 individuals on the offense or defense does not do their job on a given play the whole play is in jeopardy. This is because everyone counts on each other. But if you fail at your job it’s not just your fault everyone shares in the failure. But that feeling of guilt will force you to fix your mistakes because you never want that on you.

Not only does failure make you grow as an individual it also can inspire and humble others. A sense of failure creates a sense of an even playing field that allows you to start a new and grow into what you want to be. An example of this would be AA meetings. The support group is successful because of individuals who have overcome their additions. This allows new comers to have a sanctuary and have hope. Though their past failures have landed them in AA, AA has allowed for them to grow stronger and face the world.

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When do we have enough money?

Have you ever thought about what motivates you? Well i have and it’s relatively simple. It’s money and I am not ashamed to say it. As much as everyone would suspect, money truly does in fact run this world. In the entertainment industry money is the heart the pumps blood throughout virtually everything we see. Including but not limited to; our tv’s, on billboards, bus stops, devices, the list is just continuous. Money surrounds us regardless of what we do to indulge ourselves or attempt to run away from it. Some may say money doesn’t buy happiness but I believe it sure does enhance it. Has anyone ever stopped and asked you “at what point will you have enough money?” While some people can give you a direct answer to that question with specificity others could never dream of a number. The possibilities are endless.

       Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Warren Buffett? This man has more money than one can fathom. He has the ability to walk away at any time and stop working but he chooses not too. Crazy, right? Have you ever thought of why? I would think that he doesn’t because he loves the sensation of making money. However, he probably sticks with it because at a point money is more of an object than anything. It justifies risk taking and is a benchmark for success. Do you remember when you got your first paycheck? Maybe it was only a hundred but felt like so much more than that. But now if you received the same check you would be infuriated. Our world has now become addicted to this feeling. We as humans are no longer just happy for having $100,000, we want as well as expect $200,000. Once we get that, we want more. There is truly no end. For a lot of us there will never be enough. There will never be an amount we get to that makes us happy and want to step away and look at the bigger picture.

       As we all continue to keep up with the Jones’ this desensitization will continue to occur. Once we see our neighbors with the newest gadget we immediately want it and this cycle continues.Every Day in the media we are constantly bombarded with athletes, celebrities and entertainers that are going broke and bankrupt. Most of the time athletes and celebrities go broke because they try to keep up with their peers and give the appearances of stability even though they are living way above their means.

Having money is great but we must understand that money is a means to other things. We need to put our egos in check and understand the true value. While reading this I hope it makes you think about money in a more realistic way. How much would it take for you to have enough?

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