By: Jack Behrend

Kevin McReynolds and community partners are proud to announce the launch of The McReynolds Project, a charity aimed at improving diversity in local police forces. Working toward positive change in police-community relations, The McReynolds Project seeks to invigorate local police departments with diverse individuals and ideas by creating scholarships, hosting community engagement events, and partnering with local law enforcement agencies.

Kevin was motivated to launch the non-profit after being targeted in an life-threatening incident with University of Nevada, Reno police that led to an officer being placed on administrative leave and the launch of a Title IX investigation. “Instead of harping on my experience, I wanted to create something positive from everything that happened to me,” McReynolds said. “I believe that healthy, thriving communities need to be protected by people who represent them, in race, culture and in value.”

The project is growing through donation and partnerships around Reno, with the hopes of taking the charity nationwide. Those interested in learning more or donating should visit: &

Mission Statement:

Our non profit organization provides college scholarships to minority students enabling them to seek a degree in criminal justice to become police officers , while enhancing the relationship between police and communities.

About The McReynolds Project

The McReynolds Project aims to address minority representation in local police forces across the country. TMP seeks to invigorate local police departments with diverse individuals and ideas in an effort to create positive change in police-community relations. To accomplish this goal, TMP will recruit minority students to top criminal justice programs, provide information and support for individuals interested in criminal justice, and spread awareness about the connection between diversity and healthy community-police relations. By recruiting locally and diversely, we hope to see an improvement in police-community relations and a reduction in negative race-related incidents.


Angie Taylor

Gregory C. Mosier

Lafayette Webb

Gregg Colvin

To learn more about The McReynolds Project, please contact

Kevin McReynolds, President & Founder

PO Box 13471 Reno, Nv 89507

Cell: (202) 907-6881

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