Media Brands struggle to find their voice on social media. But often times brands fail because they try to imitate another companies voice without establishing their own. Companies must understand that social media is a tool and if used correctly can open many doors.

Reasons Why Brands Aren’t Successful On Social

  1. Lack Of Creativity

Creativity is important because this is what sets you apart from other companies. Consumers are incredibly intelligent and can tell when you are being generic. But if you have great social media people consumers can tell. With social media you must constantly create things that attract and keep the attention of your consumers.

2. Do Not Listen To Their Customers

A big part of social media is listening to your customers. If your customers don’t like something they will tell you. But what is most important about this is listening to them.

3. Don’t Understand That Social Media Is More Than Marketing

Like in #2 social media has opened the door like nothing before. Companies can listen to their customers and fix thins before they become a problem. This is the biggest thing. If you are constantly listening to your customers you know how they feel and what needs to change. Customer service is huge and need to be the focus point of every business. Putting fires out before they start is  one of the biggest reasons for social media.

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