Everyday I wake up I have an objective to succeed. I wake up at 5am and this allows me to accomplish more and have more time to spend on task. First I head to the gym at 6am and workout till 7:30am. Working out helps relieve stress in a positive way. Then after working out I begin to work on the about 50 emails from clients, sponsors and employees. I always aim to answer all my emails within 24 hours.

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What many don’t know is that being an entrepreneur often leaves you with many added issues that need your attention of a daily base. First and foremost I am responsible for my employees. I most make sure they are always taken care of and have the tools they need to do their jobs daily. Then I most make sure my clients are always taken care of. I spend most of my time throughout my time checking in on clients and making sure they are happy with out services and seeing if anything they need from us to make their experience better.

While being an entrepreneur is not easy and is filled with tons of downfalls, it fills me with a sense of purpose knowing that I am fulfilling my clients vision’s. If anyone tells you that being an entrepreneur is easy they are clearly lying to you or have truly never been an entreprenuer. My successes and failures are mine and I own that. My best ideas often come from failures but thats okay because I know  Being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest things but one of the most demands.

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