Many businesses struggle to communicate effectively through their command structure.

1. Everyone Understand What Is Expected

When all employees of an oganization understand what is important they can do their jobs more effienent. Communication allows for managers to effectively manage and enforce company policies.

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When oganzations have internal transparency with employees this allows for a culture in which communication flows. When their is internal transparency, external transparency is more likely. When companies have external transparency the public begins to have trust in the brand the company is building.


3. Builds and Maintains Relationships

Relationships are built on communication. Communication helps form bonds between managers and employees. These bonds allow for everyone to trust eachother. When employees feel trusted that can go a long way for culture of the company.

4.Contributes to Company Growth

Communication can increase company productivity. On the other hand many companies fail or operate with terrible issues because they do not have open lines of communication. Having communication also avoids unnnesscery delays.

5. Ideas and Innovation

Having open lines of communication between employees and managers can lead the way for ideas and innovation. When employees understand what it important to the company they can focus on finding ways to improve overall efficiency and coming up with ways, as well as things that can help the company grow. When employees know that their opinions are valued they are more likely to share thoughts and ideas.

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