In America politics is something that we are all extremely passionate about. But those passions need to stay far away from the work place. The work place is just that the work place. Bringing political views to the office can disrupt company culture in the worst way. Below you will find my 5 reason why.

1. You could get fired

Politics are things we are all very passionate about but the idea of free speech does not work the same way when you are working somewhere. Many companies choose not to take political stances because it can alienate customers. Also a lot of companies have policies about discussing political views in the office.

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2. Makes workers feel isolated or bullied.

While a lot of people in your office could have the same poltical opinions as you chance are not everyone. The people that dont feel the same as you probably will begin to distance themselves from everyone else and feel bullied. There could also be an issue with your manager because they coud share completely different views.

3.  Its your private feelings

Politics create conflicts and are your personal thoughts and beliefs. In the work place politics can only hurt you and their isnt much upside.

4. Hurts productivity

Politics is such a polarizing topic that many people can sometimes choose to cut people off or not talk to people for an extended period of time. This is can hurt company productivity. If employees are not talking to one another efficency is hurt which cost the company time and money.

5. Can kill company culture.

While all the things above flow into company culure, politics is something that threatens companies at its core. Everyone has such a different opinion.

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