As we all have heard at this point, United airlines has had the worst PR incidents of any company so far in 2017. The incident was terrible but the actions by United Airlines after the fact were unbelievable and almost laughable. United’s CEO Oscar Munoz was at the head of this controversy. Below you will find my 5 Major Mistakes that United made.

  1. Chose Policy Over Principle

The day United made the decision to remove the passenger from the flight they picked company policy over principles. They picked their employees over the customer. The first rule in business is the custumer comes first. If they needed that seat that bad they could have easily raised the price that they were offering customers to give up their seat rather than drag this man off the plane. Another option would have been to find another flight for that crew that needed to get on. They could have paid this man any amount of money to get off the plane and it still would have been better than the millions of dollars United has lost because of this. United’s reputation is damaged and only time will tell if they will be able to rebound.

2. Failed to admit wrong from the beginning

When CEO Oscar Munoz came out and made a statement, he completely got it wrong. He took his employees side in the incident. At this point this was already a national news story. When it did this he added fuel to the fire and this has come back to haunt him. In the time that this incident happened Oscar has gone from in line to become Chairmen of the Board to trying to keep his own job.

Screenshot 2017-04-23 15.06.37

3. Overbooking practices should be eliminated

Even after this incident United continues to use the overlooking policy. While they have changed it I believe they still need to dismantle it.

4. Apologize

Apologizing can go a long well. Has CEO Oscar Munoz apologized to David Dao first day after this incident he would have poured water on the water and this would have never blown up.

5. Failed to Learn

After this incident United has had two other incident 1 invovling a scopion falling from the over head and a soon to be married couple being removed from the flight. In both public statements United continues to blame the custumers rather than just saying the situation is being handled.


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