Success is a funny thing. While many think success is a goal I view it is a byproduct of a long journey. Success often brings a lot of attention and more people than you care for suddenly around. But realizing what is really important will keep you grounded. As your portfolio begins to grow there will always be people who will tell you that you don’t deserve what you have achieved or put down your success but remember no one that has ever achieved success was liked by all.

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The time you spend nuturing your business will be the best time of your life. While outsiders may say the that the money and attention is that struggle to create and grind is the best part. When I started my business I spent almost 15 hours a day focused on our process and refinning our tactics. But anyone that knows me will tell you that I loved the long nights. I gave up a lot of things like partying and drinking so that I could focus on my business.

Successful people share many traits that others are not willing to do themsevles like:

  1. Giving up the short term mindset.

Successful people set long term goals but their long term goals involve everyday habits to get them to that goal.

2. Dont make excuses

Excuses dont help anyone. If you do something wrong or fail at something that is okay. Figure out why you failed and grow on that.

3. Dont blame others

Successful people are harder on themselves then others. Rarely will you see successful people blame others.


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