Its time for corporate leaders to understand that they have a series issue on their hands that are keeping companies from reaching their potential. Many companies struggle with a culture program. A lot of companies often plan their employees for their troubles but it is a company wide culture problem. When companies experience high turn over they need to look within. People don’t like to leave and constantly try to find a new employer. Often the issue is the employer not the employee.

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Companies don’t realize this but when you have a policy or procedure for everything you are sucking the creativity out of the work place. While some jobs do need policies and procedures for things many don’t. When you empower your employees to create and figure out how best to do their jobs, employees tend to work harder and your turnover rate will drop.

Another big sign that your company has a culture problem is managers are supervising employees and looking for things wrong rather than coaching inspiring and congratulating when things are done properly. When managers are constantly supervising employees get the feeling that they are not being trusted. This creates an uneasy work environment.

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