When owning a business one of the most essential elements is having the right employees. Having good employees can make or break any company from the start. An important fundamental quality that I look for in a potential employee is one who works hard and self sufficient. Once I take them through the basic training it is my intention to leave them to it and have them be able to be productive without my micromanaging.  I find that this empowers my employees and lets them grow in their decision making and business sense as an individual. Of course I am there for guidance if needed, however  I encourage their independent work ethic. While empowering your employees you must also hold them to a sustained standard, and keep them responsible for their decisions. The employees that are not micromanaged are more likely to be happy and work harder for the company. When employees feel that management trust them to make their own decisions, the feeling of confidence is reflected throughout the rest of the company and has a chain reaction is often seen and received well by customers.

When employees are happy they typically are willing to go the extra mile and put in 110% for the company. When the employees are happy, customers can pick up on this. Stores and offices are typically better kept because the employees are taking ownership and respecting the place they work. Once you have employees that feel like that are part of the company on a deeper level they we go to the ends of earth to ensure the success of the company. This is a rare quality to find in many companies but it’s out there.

Screenshot 2017-04-13 22.40.09.png

Some examples of good companies that value their employees are Google, Zappos, Southwest Airlines and Twitter. Out of all these companies Southwest Airlines sticks out the most. From my personal experiences I have always noticed the flight attendants and employees always go out of their way to cater to the customers needs. This culture has allowed Southwest to operate with the success they have for decades.

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