My Life As A 24 Year Old Entrepreneur

Everyday I wake up I have an objective to succeed. I wake up at 5am and this allows me to accomplish more and have more time to spend on task. First I head to the gym at 6am and workout till 7:30am. Working out helps relieve stress in a positive way. Then after working out I begin to work on the about 50 emails from clients, sponsors and employees. I always aim to answer all my emails within 24 hours.

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What many don’t know is that being an entrepreneur often leaves you with many added issues that need your attention of a daily base. First and foremost I am responsible for my employees. I most make sure they are always taken care of and have the tools they need to do their jobs daily. Then I most make sure my clients are always taken care of. I spend most of my time throughout my time checking in on clients and making sure they are happy with out services and seeing if anything they need from us to make their experience better.

While being an entrepreneur is not easy and is filled with tons of downfalls, it fills me with a sense of purpose knowing that I am fulfilling my clients vision’s. If anyone tells you that being an entrepreneur is easy they are clearly lying to you or have truly never been an entreprenuer. My successes and failures are mine and I own that. My best ideas often come from failures but thats okay because I know  Being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest things but one of the most demands.

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5 Reasons Why Any Business Needs Effective Communication To Succeed

Many businesses struggle to communicate effectively through their command structure.

1. Everyone Understand What Is Expected

When all employees of an oganization understand what is important they can do their jobs more effienent. Communication allows for managers to effectively manage and enforce company policies.

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When oganzations have internal transparency with employees this allows for a culture in which communication flows. When their is internal transparency, external transparency is more likely. When companies have external transparency the public begins to have trust in the brand the company is building.


3. Builds and Maintains Relationships

Relationships are built on communication. Communication helps form bonds between managers and employees. These bonds allow for everyone to trust eachother. When employees feel trusted that can go a long way for culture of the company.

4.Contributes to Company Growth

Communication can increase company productivity. On the other hand many companies fail or operate with terrible issues because they do not have open lines of communication. Having communication also avoids unnnesscery delays.

5. Ideas and Innovation

Having open lines of communication between employees and managers can lead the way for ideas and innovation. When employees understand what it important to the company they can focus on finding ways to improve overall efficiency and coming up with ways, as well as things that can help the company grow. When employees know that their opinions are valued they are more likely to share thoughts and ideas.

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5 Reasons Why Politics Don’t Belong In Business

In America politics is something that we are all extremely passionate about. But those passions need to stay far away from the work place. The work place is just that the work place. Bringing political views to the office can disrupt company culture in the worst way. Below you will find my 5 reason why.

1. You could get fired

Politics are things we are all very passionate about but the idea of free speech does not work the same way when you are working somewhere. Many companies choose not to take political stances because it can alienate customers. Also a lot of companies have policies about discussing political views in the office.

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2. Makes workers feel isolated or bullied.

While a lot of people in your office could have the same poltical opinions as you chance are not everyone. The people that dont feel the same as you probably will begin to distance themselves from everyone else and feel bullied. There could also be an issue with your manager because they coud share completely different views.

3.  Its your private feelings

Politics create conflicts and are your personal thoughts and beliefs. In the work place politics can only hurt you and their isnt much upside.

4. Hurts productivity

Politics is such a polarizing topic that many people can sometimes choose to cut people off or not talk to people for an extended period of time. This is can hurt company productivity. If employees are not talking to one another efficency is hurt which cost the company time and money.

5. Can kill company culture.

While all the things above flow into company culure, politics is something that threatens companies at its core. Everyone has such a different opinion.

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5 Major Mistakes United Airlines Made Handling The Passenger Mistreatment Incident

As we all have heard at this point, United airlines has had the worst PR incidents of any company so far in 2017. The incident was terrible but the actions by United Airlines after the fact were unbelievable and almost laughable. United’s CEO Oscar Munoz was at the head of this controversy. Below you will find my 5 Major Mistakes that United made.

  1. Chose Policy Over Principle

The day United made the decision to remove the passenger from the flight they picked company policy over principles. They picked their employees over the customer. The first rule in business is the custumer comes first. If they needed that seat that bad they could have easily raised the price that they were offering customers to give up their seat rather than drag this man off the plane. Another option would have been to find another flight for that crew that needed to get on. They could have paid this man any amount of money to get off the plane and it still would have been better than the millions of dollars United has lost because of this. United’s reputation is damaged and only time will tell if they will be able to rebound.

2. Failed to admit wrong from the beginning

When CEO Oscar Munoz came out and made a statement, he completely got it wrong. He took his employees side in the incident. At this point this was already a national news story. When it did this he added fuel to the fire and this has come back to haunt him. In the time that this incident happened Oscar has gone from in line to become Chairmen of the Board to trying to keep his own job.

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3. Overbooking practices should be eliminated

Even after this incident United continues to use the overlooking policy. While they have changed it I believe they still need to dismantle it.

4. Apologize

Apologizing can go a long well. Has CEO Oscar Munoz apologized to David Dao first day after this incident he would have poured water on the water and this would have never blown up.

5. Failed to Learn

After this incident United has had two other incident 1 invovling a scopion falling from the over head and a soon to be married couple being removed from the flight. In both public statements United continues to blame the custumers rather than just saying the situation is being handled.


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The Messy Truth About Success


Success is a funny thing. While many think success is a goal I view it is a byproduct of a long journey. Success often brings a lot of attention and more people than you care for suddenly around. But realizing what is really important will keep you grounded. As your portfolio begins to grow there will always be people who will tell you that you don’t deserve what you have achieved or put down your success but remember no one that has ever achieved success was liked by all.

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The time you spend nuturing your business will be the best time of your life. While outsiders may say the that the money and attention is that struggle to create and grind is the best part. When I started my business I spent almost 15 hours a day focused on our process and refinning our tactics. But anyone that knows me will tell you that I loved the long nights. I gave up a lot of things like partying and drinking so that I could focus on my business.

Successful people share many traits that others are not willing to do themsevles like:

  1. Giving up the short term mindset.

Successful people set long term goals but their long term goals involve everyday habits to get them to that goal.

2. Dont make excuses

Excuses dont help anyone. If you do something wrong or fail at something that is okay. Figure out why you failed and grow on that.

3. Dont blame others

Successful people are harder on themselves then others. Rarely will you see successful people blame others.


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Does Your Company Have A Culture Problem?

Its time for corporate leaders to understand that they have a series issue on their hands that are keeping companies from reaching their potential. Many companies struggle with a culture program. A lot of companies often plan their employees for their troubles but it is a company wide culture problem. When companies experience high turn over they need to look within. People don’t like to leave and constantly try to find a new employer. Often the issue is the employer not the employee.

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Companies don’t realize this but when you have a policy or procedure for everything you are sucking the creativity out of the work place. While some jobs do need policies and procedures for things many don’t. When you empower your employees to create and figure out how best to do their jobs, employees tend to work harder and your turnover rate will drop.

Another big sign that your company has a culture problem is managers are supervising employees and looking for things wrong rather than coaching inspiring and congratulating when things are done properly. When managers are constantly supervising employees get the feeling that they are not being trusted. This creates an uneasy work environment.

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4 Steps To Increasing Your Startups Online Presence

When owning a business it is important to take advantage of the tools you have access to. The internet has afforded many opportunities that were not readily available to everyone previously. Below you will find tips that I believe can help any company increase their online presence and attract consumers through their website. After a visit to the website, consumers should be persuaded to become a customer.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a necessity for any company right now. Facebook has over 1.86 Billion monthly active users. Facebook also offers strategic and targeted marketing that allows you to be right where your customers are. Creating a Facebook Page for your company is also beneficial because it makes the company website easily accessible.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is growing necessity in the world of customer relations. Twitter allows your customers to have a voice, and provide useful feedback. Twitter can help you connect with your customers on a personal basis and helps fix any problems, or just answer simple questions they may have. Companies also can pay for advertisements that can boost posts and help market their business.

  1. Blogs

I believe that blogging can help with a few things. 1. Blogging can help boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means that it can boost your relevance on google searches. 2. Blogging can increase traffic to your site and familiarize your customers to the company. 3. Having content can humanize your company and give you a voice.

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  1. Instagram

Instagram can give your customers a look into your world. You can show them the world as you see it. Instagram currently has about 600 million Monthly active users and is owned by Facebook, so a lot of the marketing goes hand and hand with Facebook.

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