Growing up my parents always taught me to surround myself with people that shared similar aspirations as I. They said this because this would allow me to grow in an environment that was supportive of my ideas and thought process. But now looking back I can’t help but think my parents were setting a president in my life that I should only keep individuals around me that could help push me and mold me into a strong man. Everyday I wake up this lesson from my parents is still a pillar in which I live my life by. Many friends have come and gone but the ones that have stayed consistent push me to be a better man, business owner, friend and entrepreneur.

Having liked minded individuals around you can also push innovation and creativity because they understand the goal and can give valuable constructive criticism. While all of my close friends may be like minded we all have individual things that make us unique. For example, I have also been a big picture and idea guy. The individuals that I keep around me can take my ideas and put them into action.

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But lets look at the other side of the spectrum. Just as I have surrounded myself my entire life with like minded individuals who often share similar views and push me to be a better person, I could have easily surrounded myself with individuals that would tear me down and push me into questionable things. The individuals that we hangout with are a reflection of our own thoughts and ambitions. If you hang around someone long enough you mirror your environment. 

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