In life one of the worse things you can do is settle. Settling in life is the same thing as accepting mediocrity. In most cases success comes down to do you respect yourself enough to keep pushing on. In business settling could be the end of your business. Someone always wants to be top of the food chain. For example lets look at Alabama’s football team. Year in and year out they continue to win national championships. This is because they do not settle. They continue to push the bar. If you believe that if you take the foot off the gas now  and your company with continue on path it is on you are incredibly mistaken.

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In American society the harsh reality is that we live in a constant state of competition with our peers. Success in this country is based on your successes against someones else. From the time we are born until we die we are bred by our parents and society to what success really means and if you fall short of that you are not good enough.

Companies like Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk is the are the perfect example of not settling. Elon Musk continues everyday to push the envelope. Tesla has created a niche in the market after noticing a need for a high performance electric car. Tesla has put the whole automobile industry on notice in their quest to disrupt the market.

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