Do you come home after work and constantly complain about your job? If you do you are not alone. In America 52.3% are unhappy with their current job. This can be for a variety of reasons like your boss, location, material, commute or just money? For whatever reason you hate your job you need to take ownership of that. You can make a change. You can take control this. There are two types of jobs on this earth which are: jobs we want to do and jobs we have to do.

Jobs we have to do are jobs that we normally take for external reason such as family needs, cover the essentials, overall obsession with the money or benefits that the jobs may bring. This type of job can also be a stepping ladder or a means to get to a job you want. But having one of these types of jobs leaves us feeling empty at the end of the day. These types of job only tap into half of our self worth and cause that emptiness feeling that you get at the end of the day. Having this type of job can often lead to self doubt and worry.

But on the other side of the spectrum are jobs we want to do. These are the jobs where people want to come to work everyday and pour their hearts out for the company. These are the lucky 47.7% of Americans who jump out of bed in the morning to go to work. These people are also more productive and successful because they enjoy what they do and want to be there. These people are often go getters and do not settle. Having a job you love and care about is infectious and can also be noticed by those around you.

As I stated we must take ownership of our jobs. Whether you have a job you want or a job you to do is irrelevant because you can make any job positive in the way that you look at things and carry a good perspective on things. Having the ability to do whatever you want for work is not easy. Most people don’t want into those positions but even if you take the jobs that are less than glamorous if you do it well and put your time into it you may one day get to have a job you want.

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