I want you to ask yourself this question “Do you network enough?” The answer is no! No one can network enough. I say this because there is always someone out there that knows more and can teach you. When I travel I often find myself talking to complete strangers and I do this because of the golden rule “Everyone can teach you something.” Just because of someone’s perceived status in the world doesn’t mean that they can not teach you something. You will be surprised at the conversations you get yourself in. Through conversations you have can often spark into new opportunities you would not have had before.

The key to networking often is being able to step out of your comfort zone and approach people you wouldn’t normally approach. But you must do this in a respectful manner or it can backfire on you. Strike up a conversation but also be aware that you must make a good impression and put your best foot forward. Drive to networking events and put in the effort. This effort will open doors for you that you never thought was possible. Every time you meet someone you should get an email address, phone number or address. Without one of those you have no way to follow up. Networking is investing in your future every time you meet someone is like putting a penny in the piggy bank.

In networking the follow up is a crucial stage. This is how you show someone you really value their conversation and this can take you far. Just a simple thank you card can go very far. Small gestures like a follow up email or a written letter will make a lasting impression and will make sure that person will remember you.

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